The Opus

They want to silence you – silence is death
They want to control you – controlled to nothingness
The time has come to retaliate against the social norm
bow down, conform – I don’t live that way
The time has come to retaliate against the social norm
bow down, conform – I hate your fucking face

We must retaliate – We will retaliate

30 years on this earth – I never found my place
Conform to black or white – I embrace the gray
The fray is where I lay my head at night and don’t  pray
we are the forsaken ones – who will save us?

One time in your life take a stand for what you believe in
One love, one life, one time, this time
i know the pain,
I’ve felt the weight on my shoulders too
you’re not alone kid, i’m like you

I’m like you

Castillo vs. Corrales, Round 10

don’t try to summarize and don’t try to quantify
the revolution can’t be bought or sold in my eyes
old guard dies slow, buried beneath the remains your
soul poisons all whom your stories have been told
I’ve struggled I’ve tried
do my best to fight my way through this life
rhetoric and hyperbole should die on the vine
this aint your fairytale life, this is real, this is mine

No surrender, no remorse, there will be no redemption

crocodile tears and cries fall on deaf ears and dead eyes
now that the tables have been turned and your life
lays in the hands of those who bear the sword
fall to your knees and pray to your lord
i struggle i try
do my best to fight my way through this life
hyperbole and sound clips wont sum up how i feel
my journey, my struggles, my pain – they are real

No surrender, no remorse, there will be no redemption

No redemption – no hope

What’s the Point?

What’s the point? false religion
What’s the point? military industrial complex (M.I.C.)

send the troops off to die
four tours later they’re still wondering why
sharia law – killing for god
RIP to the ones we’ve lost


not of this world – we’re the last of a dying breed
overlooked, cast aside, as if there’s something wrong with me
I’m just a fuckup – nothing has ever gone as planned
the outcast way of life still stands

we’re just thorns without a rose

bonded by the chaos, fused by what tears us apart
we are alone together in this world for better or for worse
in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king
we may not have money or power, but at least we all can see

we’re thorns without a rose

there’s something wrong inside my head
we’re just thorns without a rose


in this world of shit you better question everything
dog eat dog reality – life is suffering
do right, do wrong, what difference does it make?
nihilistic thoughts run rampant through my brain

better watch your back
protect your fucking neck
jackals surround you
its do or die

keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer
they switch like clockwork, everyone has a fucking price
dry your tears, they won’t wash away all your sins
looking out for #1 the bane of this fucking world

better watch your back
protect your fucking neck
jackals surround you
its do or die

my struggles, my life, fuck this world – it’s do or die

Can’t Relate

Get off my lawn, get out the way, I can’t get down with the kids today
I can’t get down with the kids today
Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a fucking needle into my eye
I can’t relate, I can’t relate

You wear the fuckin tightest jeans, don’t know what hardcore means
Madball aint your favorite band, I hate you like the  Taliban
I can’t relate, I can’t relate
Who bought your fuckin gear when you don’t even have a job, newjack fuckin poser suck my mother fuckin knob
I can’t relate, I can’t relate

I don’t give a fuckin fuck about your fuckin shit, youre just a fuckin ranker and that’s all there is to it
I can’t relate, I can’t relate

Defined by Silence

Laying on your death bed or nailed to the cross
reflections on a life now lost
all the things left unsaid, all the trails left untread, regret  rampant through your head
never took the time to say what’s burning deep inside, all those thoughts now cast aside
take your final breath and pray that death is not the end, and those you left behind you may someday see again

Will we ever say what needs to be said
before it’s too late and we’re fucking dead?

Our lives are defined by silence

Chewed Up, Spit Out

trying to find an edge – get a leg up
the deck is all stacked and we’re just all fucked
slanging some herb – got some shit on the side
aint hurting no one – go away for the ride
now you’re on edge do some shit to survive
take out some fool now you’re looking at life
Sixteen years later – out on parole
chip on your shoulder for the system as whole

chewed up – spit out

I’ll Flick the Match

Anguished souls – weeping tears of blood
Abomination – a house of fucking lies
you don’t practice what you preach – victims fall down to their knees
contamination – what once was will never be
only a coward needs to prey on the weak
conspiracy – shroud your crimes in secrecy
turning a blind eye will never set you free

you will fucking burn

grab the holy man, we’re going to make him burn
put a tire around his neck, tie him to the stake
you gas him up, I’ll flick the match
never again – never again

I’ll tell you a little story about a boy that i once knew
five years old, believed in god, his faith and aim were true
then a wolf disguised as sheep took his innocence away
a scar so deep he’d carry it until his final dying day
by age thirteen he’s hooked on smack, try to numb away the pain
but you can’t hold back the demons of an adolescent brain
he’d never fall in love or see his graduation day
he cursed the heavens, kicked the chair, died slowly as he hanged

Not Your Home

what the fuck does this thing mean to you?
you’ve got that hardcore look, yea right
fuck you man, cuz you got it from a book (RAYBEEZ RIP)
if you’re not sincere then there’s the fucking door
and we’ll say this again just like we said it before

hardcore is not your stepping stone
get the fuck out this is not your home

The Dance

before my ink fades and I’m chillin in Hades, i hope i forget my rage
cuz if it’s not one thing its a-fuckin-nother, get outta bed – why even bother?
i want something, i need something – to show these motherfuckers the truth
cuz whether you’re a king or a street sweeper – we all gotta dance with the grim reaper

You want it?
They want the truth
All you marks holding out for a better day…no seeds, no fruit

today i fold, tomorrow one more day old, what is life but a hole of alone?
our time is short and the memories fade, look back and nothing remains
i want something, i need something – to keep these motherfuckers in check
cuz whether you got a king or a one eyed jack, we all gotta dance with the man in black

You want it?
They want the truth
All you marks holding out for a better day…no seeds no fruit

no seeds no fruit
and there’s no fuckin hope
this goddamn world
is a fuckin joke

i bend over for no one, and i kneel for no man
i refuse to live life on my knees
something you will never understand

That Feel

we’ve been at this so many years, the blood the sweat the tears
others disappear, we just persevere
critics come and go but they can go and fuck themselves
we do this for the love and not for anybody else

brotherhood – i still believe
brotherhood – you and me

saved my life, gave me all my friends, gave me self esteem
this is dedicated to all my friends who believed in me
took me around the world, showed me all there is to see
this is dedicated to O-X-N-A-R-D

do you remember the feeling the first time the needle hit the wax
the energy was flowing through your veins and there was never a hope of ever turning back
i remember the good times, the bad times, the heartache
hats off to all the lifers – cuz to us hardcore is not a passing phase





My Hate is Real

ive felt the pain of a thousand broken dreams
twisting & turning inside
this world crashing down on me

promises mean nothing in this fickle world we know
forever is a word that bit the dust some time ago
so lean on me when you are weak cuz im one of the true
here today gone tomorrow motherfucker, ill never be like you

im down for life – down for life
lean on me when you are weak
down for life – down for life
smash all those in front of me cuz

my – hate – is real – my hate is fucking real

Dogs of War

i dont want to ever see, another fuckin casualty, foreign wars/imperial needs
how many have to fuckin die, how many mothers eyes will cry,  did you buy into that lie?
waiting for an explanation, liberate a sovereign nation?  soil our country’s reputation
you wouldnt send your fuckin son, thousands of deaths cant be undone, eat a bullet from your gun

media fed fear by our overlords – send the poor off to die
military industrial complex – profit over death in their eyes
war on terror like the war on drugs – scams that keep us in line
they are not like us, they never will be, they will never understand

dogs of war
clinging to whats left of life
forgotten by those
who sent you off to die

veterans forgotten in the streets
non statistical casualty

Know Your Roots

this is real – this is fucking real
and i hope you motherfuckers know the fuckin deal
it started with few – it turned into a scene
know your roots – do u know what i mean?

84 – what happens next – mind blowing shit
stalag – in control showed that strand was legit
locals only – RIP to Henry Knowles and Mark Hickey
circle of fear – ’09 the year – props to those who are still here

one love – to the old guard who showed me the way
one love – to the new kids who will have their say
one love – to all my friends still here by my side
one love – oxnard hardcore pride

this is real

Rest in Peace

same old shit – different day
try to calm myself down but the hatred remains

they say that fire when you are young shows youre a kid with heart
but if youre old and still have it then you aint that smart

fuck them for thinking that they know me
judged for my generalities
read between the lines you fucking i-d-i-o-t
you will
understand me
you will
understand any of us

i hate everything i see
and i hate that part inside of me
mistrust and disbelief
put a bullet in my brain so i can rest in peace
who pulls the strings? who has the say?
shadow world controls everything
media spins will place the blame
who do you believe runs this game?

all our lives, all this pain
all our hope, is it in vain?


Born Alone, Die Alone

what is life but a hole of alone
ive been been abandoned with nothing forced to fend for my own
felt pain that most of you will ever know
but its like they say kid you fucking reap what you sow
i refused to admit defeat
so fuck you if you dont believe in me
hit rock bottom then the floor fell through
i recycle my shit – you dont like it? then fuck you

fuck your life – fuck your life
and everyone you love
fuck your life – fuck your life

this life we lead so dark and cold
born alone/die alone – decaying flesh & bone
all you love will slowly fade
or be stripped away

double digit motherfucker – nothing to lose
for better or for worse this is the life i choose
PB Pub or BC, kid -  its all the same
good times come and go but one thing remains

got no future i just got my friends
forever- til the fuckin end

tecate in my veins, turn the amps up to ten
gonna singalong and slam with all of my friends
and you know your life is all fucked up
when you’re drinking caddy margaritas out of dixie cups

its our life – and we do what we want
and if you don’t like it – you can fuck the fuck off

We Are One
from east to west we’re taught to fear our common man
we rise above to not hate what we dont understand
rich or poor,  no matter what creed or country
we all shed tears, feel love and hate, and we all bleed

dawn of a new era
we are one
old guard is crumbling
make way for the new one
we all exist
under the same sun
religious & cultural boundries cease to exist cuz
we are one

clash of civilizations -  lies fed to us by the chosen ones
bred to hate and fear due to beliefs or origins
communicational accessibility
your walls are falling – we are all humanity

Eight Eyez On Me
cant run cant hide – theres nothing you can do
before you see them – eight eyes staring straight at you

its paranoia – when i sleep
theres always eight eyes watching me
i cant go on like this
you take one out theres always one in its place
i cant keep living life this way

eight eyes on me

My Love is Real

it dwells inside of me, it can’t breathe, it claws to be unleashed
you’ve got the itch, you flip the switch, you grab the mic and spit real shit
six string release, through a marshall piece,
they feel it in the sd and oxnard streets
breakdowns and fast snare beats, good lyrics,
and intricate simplicity

my love is real

it means everything to me
and set it off and crime ridden society are like
illmatic, liquid swords, cuban linx
moment of truth, regulate, all eyez on me
victim in pain, screaming for change, and suffer
got me into this game
to those who paved the way, who still remain
we are one from the same strain

my love is real





Born to Lose
we never said the right thing
we never looked the right way
no one gave a fuck about what we had to say
stood our ground – we’re going nowhere fast
five miles per hour down a dead end path

kids like us were born to lose

i feel the stares coming down on me
from the choices ive made and the life that i lead
you only get one – this is the one i choose
straight to hell – born to lose

For No One:
i dont want to hear it any fucking more
complain complain complain you attention whore
you motherfucking piece of shit
silver spoon you’re fed from it
worthless piece of skin – get away from me
i wake up every day and i hope for something better
than to work to pay my bills to some rich motherfucker
today’s the day i gotta try to fix my nihilistic life
time wont wait for me and we’re all gonna die

time waits for no one

i wont apologize for any mistake ive made in my life
i hide from the past no longer starting this day
gotta smash the bullshit – gotta get away
baby steps are gonna get me where i need to go
cuz this downward spiral aint working no more
my vices are going to be the death of me
if i dont get a grip and break free

time waits for no one

Times Have Changed:
it was all a dream – i used to read its alive fanzine
live breathe die and fight for the scene and i
dont think that i could ever explain
what the scenes given back to me
nowadays somethings have changed
young kids good equipment with fame on the brain
hardcore will never be your stepping stone
get the fuck out – this is not your home

real recognizes real
and we dont know you
get the fuck out
cuz you don’t gotta clue

ive worked hard for everything that ive got
youve got an image – we’ve got fucking heart
and for every flock of you, there’s a kid out there just like me
not the flashy fly by night type – we’re the backbone of this thing

real recognizes real
and we dont know you
get the fuck out
cuz you don’t gotta clue

The Nard Way:
retaliate bringing the hardcore reality
2006 representing n-a-r-d
my oxnard brothers got my motherfucking back
and all the nerds that talk smack are gonna get fucking bitchslapped
madball’s taking out the bro’d out motherfuckers
frenchy’s getting wasted with the grande brothers
big dave proud of samoan blood
aaron and max watching stoned age smoking blunts

getting faded in the car outside the show
high life/natty ice – the only way to go
you know the night was great when you feel it the next day
you know the night was great – moshing to retaliate

you cant take this away from me
as long as my heart still beats
as long as my lungs still breathe
as long as my veins still bleed

choking on your fucking words
is this how you want to be remembered?
i know the words they dont matter to you
they dont matter to you, but they still matter to me
you turned your back on the real world
to live up on your pedestal
fucking all or nothing moron destined to take a fall

do lyrics still matter? they still matter to me
but talk without action – it doesnt mean a thing

cuz in my eyes the words dont mean shit
if the man behind the mic put no heart into it
i stand behind every word that i say
and your words live in infamy

Tomorrow Lays in Ash:
day after day – its just more of the same
day after day – getting caught up in this fucked up game
day after day – another wasted day
day after day – and im wasted too

we’ll toast to the old days – tip our hats to the past
shed a tear for today cuz tomorrow it lays in ash
memories like headstones – years like graves
time goes by and it all fucking slips away

day after day – its just more of the same
day after day – the memories slip away

In My Life:
shut your motherfucking face
i dont believe a goddamn word that you say
cuz nothing that you ever said was true
youre the dumbest motherfucker that i ever knew

in my life

The Choice is Yours:
its alright to cry sometimes but wipe your eyes
cuz no matter how bad youve got it
theres always someone whos got it worse in life
be there for your friends cuz they need you too
and if you take yourself out who are they to turn to?

we’ve all been down and out

know how you feel because ive been there before
i wanted out – i couldnt take it no more
saw life through the bottom of an empty glass
youve got two choices: live or die
well i chose life

World in Shambles:
open your eyes – close your legs
you cant support a family making minimum wage
its time we take responsibility
we’ve got to stop taking advantage of the right to breed

the well is running fucking dry

tradition is a fact but it dont make it right
trapped in a tunnel – at the end theres no light
we’ll keep consuming – until the wells gone dry
and when we’re all fucking dead
there will be no babies to cry

Dead & Gone:
not so long ago it was just thirty kids and barn yard shows
six hours round trip just to see one band
representing out of town with nard signs on our hands
we may be young and dumb but i wont change those days for anything
they may be dead and gone but in my heart they still remain

no tears fall in oxnard tonight
those days are over
but i still feel alright

it doesnt matter if you’re against all odds
just always stand your ground
we were the voice of defiance
and no one could hold us down
then came the time that we were in control
i remember those good old days
now its time to retaliate
against the fairweather kids and all the fakes

to my oxnard brothers – this world is yours….

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